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Drums! - 7/12/09 - [Watch Movie]
Tyler has discovered how to cobble together his own drum set from several of his smaller drums. Hey, every legend has to start somewhere, right?
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Oliver is born! - 2/25/09 - [Watch Movie]
The big brother announces his baby brother's arrival -- and that he wants some strawberries!

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Baby #2's Recording Debut - 12/19/08 - [Watch Movie]
Baby #2 is making his or her presence known. Click to listen to a short recording of one of the sweetest sounds in the world!
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School Christmas Program - 12/18/08 - [Watch Movie]
Well, at least he didn't bust out with "Fatisfaction," but he did still manage to steal the show. I wonder who he gets that from?
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Singing the Stones - 11/16/08 - [Watch Movie]
He fries and he fries, but he can't get no fatisfaction!
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11 Week Ultrasound - 8/27/08 - [Watch Movie]
With a bit of prodding, baby danced around a little for us. Legs on the left, arms on the right, if you have a hard time deciphering ultrasounds. If you watch closely, a hand even pops up to wave hello!
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Swimming Lessons with Dada - 7/5/08 - [Watch Movie]
Tyler decided to try swimming without his floaties. Or, as he would say, "fwimming!" The video ends with our current favorite word: NO!
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Riding Powder - 5/22/08 - [Watch Movie]
Tyler loves riding Granddaddy's horse, Powder. Here's a short clip of our budding cowboy!
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The Vocal Stylings of Tyler - 4/30/08 - [Watch Movie]
We've been trying to get video of Tyler singing for a while, and this is why it's been nearly impossible. He's way too interested in "needing to see it again" on the camera to sing more than a couple of lines.

Watch all the way to the end for a bonus birthday song for Aunt Janet!
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Virtual Office Tour - 3/16/08 - [Watch Movie]
Cantrell Solutions now has a beatifully renovated office in historic downtown Ada. Take a virtual tour of Jake's new home away from home!
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Tyler's Jeep! - 12/8/07 - [Watch Movie]
Enough with the silly baby toys -- Tyler got a JEEP! for his birthday! He can't quite steer yet, but he'll get the hang of it soon, right? Hopefully before he wrecks his new toy...
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2nd Birthday Bash - 12/8/07 - [Watch Movie]
Clips from Tyler's second birthday party, set to a fun, will-be-stuck-in-your-head-for-the-rest-of-the-day birthday song. Happy 2nd birthday to Tyler!
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Giggles - 11/21/07 - [Watch Movie]
Tyler got the giggles while eating his after-dinner applesauce. So, we broke out the video camera and kept the giggle fest going!
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Counting - 10/3/07 - [Watch Movie]
Tyler can count! Well, he can count when he's prompted and when he feels like it. And when he doesn't feel like it, he lets us know -- as you'll see at the end of this video.
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Flooding - 6/18/07 - [Watch Movie]
We had some major flash flooding in Ada today. I guess we should get Tyler started on building an ark for us! (Sorry about the shaky camera -- Jake was trying not to get swept away!)
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Beach Boy - 6/11/07 - [Watch Movie]
A few clips of Tyler running, splashing and catching some waves at the beach!
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Happy Birthday, John! - 3/12/07 - [Watch Movie]
A collection of birthday messages and a special birthday party in honor of a real life hero, John David!
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Walking Man - 2/8/07 - [Watch Movie]
Watch some of our little walking man's first steps!
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Tyler's 1st Birthday Party - 12/9/06 - [Watch Movie]
A few video clips from the 1st birthday bash, including Tyler devouring his cupcake and opening presents. It's a long video, but at least it's set to catchy music!
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Tyler & the Train - 11/18/06 - [Watch Movie]
At last, a video of Tyler crawling for real. He loves to chase his toy train. Even crawling out of his pants doesn't slow him down!
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Tyler & the Push Toy - 11/16/06 - [Watch Movie]
A short clip of Tyler's wobbly walking. Before we know it, he'll be off and running, no push toy necessary!
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Surprise, John's Home! - 9/8/06 - [Watch Movie]
John's home from Afghanistan on his 2 week leave! This was a big surprise for Joe & Candy, which was lots of fun for all of us -- except maybe Tyler, who got a little scared when his Gammy almost dropped him when she saw John. He's fine now, and we're all so happy to have John home for a little while!
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Splish Splash! - 8/2/06 - [Watch Movie]
Tyler learned to splash in the bathtub. We'll never have dry kitchen floors again! (He really was splashing a lot more before we got the video camera out -- we just weren't quite quick enough this time!)
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Ready, Set, Crawl! - 7/23/06 - [Watch Movie]
We're not quite crawling for real yet, but when he really wants to get somewhere, Tyler can definitely move. And forget toys -- just give him a water bottle any day!
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Mmmm, Cereal! - 6/8/06 - [Watch Movie]
Tyler got his first taste of solid food today, if you can call rice cereal food. Since Tyler doesn't know any better, he loved it!
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YaYas in Concert - 5/27/06 - [Watch Movie]
The YaYas sang a special farewell song to John, our cherry stompin' Private, to the tune of "Boogie Woogie Bugle Boy." Another long video, but worth the time if you have a few minutes to watch!
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He Can Roll, The Sequel! - 5/15/06 - [Watch Movie]
After trying so hard for so long, Tyler's finally done it -- he can roll from back to belly! Look out, world, here he comes! If you need us, we'll be busy child-proofing the house...
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Cantrell Kids Photo Shoot - 5/5/06 - [Watch Movie]
We finally managed to get all the Cantrell kids together for a photo shoot. This is a long video, but if you have a few minutes to watch, it's pretty entertaining!
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Our Son, the Contortionist - 4/30/06 - [Watch Movie]
Tyler is trying very hard to roll over from back to front. Check out the video to see his valiant (and loud) efforts for yourself!
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Grins & Giggles! - 3/18/06 - [Watch Movie]
Tyler laughed for the first time today! Luckily, we're very quick with the camera (what a surprise, right?), so we caught his first giggles on video. It was the most beautiful sound in the world!
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Ty and Daddy Talking - 3/7/06 - [Watch Movie]
Ty loves to play on Daddy's chest and he especially loves to talk and squeal at Daddy!
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He Can Roll! - 2/18/06 - [Watch Movie]
Tyler learned a new trick -- rolling from his tummy to his back! I guess that's the end of tummy time for us, unless he actually wants to stay on his tummy!
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Playtime with Tyler - 1/31/06 - [Watch Movie]
Ty is really starting to show interest in his toys and this is so much fun -- for him and for us! This video shows Tyler playing with his Spanish alligator and showing off his newest trick -- holding a rattle all by himself!
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Ty's First Real Bath - 1/1/06 - [Watch Movie]
Tyler rang in the new year by losing his umbilical cord and getting his very first real (non-sponge) bath! He tolerated the bath pretty well -- he only screamed a few times and only peed on us twice. Pretty good for our first try!
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Gammy Does the Chicken Dance - 12/25/05 - [Watch Movie]
Gammy got Ty a chicken dance toy for Christmas and had to try it out herself. I don't think she really believed us when we told her the video would be up on our website!
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Abby & Ty - 12/23/05 - [Watch Movie]
Our first video is us playing with our new camera (and Tyler showing off his amazing burping skills). Happy watching!
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