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Monthly Update #48 ~ December 8, 2009


Happy 4th birthday, Tyler Graham!





Monthly Update #46 ~ October 2009

Our resident drummer and singer has lured his little brother into his musical trap.  Tyler loves to put together family bands, assigning us each an instrument and making us march around the house, singing and playing our respective instruments.  The Cantrell Brothers Band is already booking dates for their 2029 summer tour.



 Tyler has always walked on his tiptoes, ever since he started walking.  We figured it was just a habit, but since he hasn't outgrown it yet, our pediatrician recommended physical therapy.  Tyler's therapist, Charee, is awesome and teaches us stretching exercises to help make it easier for Tyler to walk on his heels.  They also play fun games like picking up marbles with your toes.  Tyler's actually getting pretty good at that one!



Because he walks on his toes all the time (and because he takes after his Coco), Tyler falls down a lot.  At least he's willing to protect himself from injury and embrace his klutziness!



We attended our first pumpkin carving party this year, and Tyler was very excited about carving his pumpkin.  He specifically requested a "mean, scary face," and he and Daddy worked together to create his artistic vision.



Impressively enough, with a very helpful three-year-old carving assistant, Jake managed to pull off a mean, scary pumpkin that Tyler was proud to show off.  Oliver's pumpkin was carved by Mama and so was not as creative, but luckily, he didn't voice any objections.



Besides pumpkin carving, Tyler was also very interested in Halloween this year -- and very involved in the choosing of his costume.  Tyler decided he wanted to dress up as a monster, so Jake set him up on his laptop with a costume website and Tyler scrolled through all the monster costumes until he found the one he wanted.  He ended up looking more like a werewolf, but at least his roar was definitely monstrous.




Monthly Update #44 ~ August 2009

 While Jake was out of town one weekend back in June, we stayed with Coco and Papa.  I got a first-hand view of what a pampered little prince Tyler is when he's at Coco and Papa's house.  He had Oreos and Pepsi for snacktime with Papa, was pampered by Coco with bubble baths and blow-drying his hair after his bath, and of course, was spoiled with ice cream before bed.  I hear he even gets hand and foot massages at Coco's Spa...



We've been swimming at Nanna and Granddaddy's pool a lot this summer, although at the beginning of the summer, swimmimg for Tyler meant that he clung to the steps, screaming whenever anyone so much as suggested that he actually attempt to swim.  As the summer progressed, so did Tyler's swimming, slowly but surely.  He really started loving the pool once we convinced him that he could trust his lifejacket to keep him afloat.  We're hoping maybe he won't backslide quite so far next summer, and it won't take us two months to start enjoying the pool.



From the minute he wakes up in the morning to the minute he finally gives in to sleep at night, Tyler never stops talking.  We have no idea which parent he gets that from.  All day long, we are treated to constant narration of our daily activities, curious questions about our surroundings and some of the best, most detailed monster stories ever told.  It's a good thing his baby brother is a captive audience.



Tyler has also gotten into joke-telling lately, and he especially loves to tell knock-knock jokes.  The punchline of the one that Jake taught him is "your mom!" and it cracks Tyler (and Jake) up every time.  I'm not sure Oliver quite gets the jokes yet, but he definitely thinks his big brother is hilarious.



Because Jake couldn't resist a good woot! deal, Tyler got his own mini laptop.  He loves to sit in his chair, feet kicked up just like Daddy, and play a little Curious George or Elmo.  Jake is really looking forward to Tyler learning how to read because that means he'll be able to start teaching his little mini-me how to program -- and then he'll be one step closer to being able to hand over Cantrell Solutions and retire.



This is Tyler's third year at Good Shepherd Preschool and he is staying at school all day (until 3:00) this year.  Oliver and I are really going to miss our little entertainer and narrator on Tuesdays and Thursdays.  I can't believe my baby will be four years old in just a few short months.  Time flies when you're having fun -- or listening to monster stories!




Monthly Update #42 ~ June 2009

We're almost four months in and Tyler is still being an awesome big brother.  He helps with diapering, bathing and most of all, entertaining his little brother.  He reads him books, gives him toys and occasionally tries to sneak him bites of food.  I'm sure they'll have their days, but for now, big brother loves his little buddy.



Tyler has become a big helper around the house lately.  He especially loves to help with the laundry.  We've been learning how to sort darks and lights, and he's catching on really quickly.  And of course, when it's laundry day, you have to do laundry in your underwear!



My little helper also does dishes.  The funniest thing is that it's not like I make him do household chores -- he actually ASKS to do these things.  No, I don't hire him out.



When he's not doing laundry and dishes, Tyler is usually pretty good at relaxing with a movie.  We've trained him well, and that training has definitely paid off in these first few months with a new baby.



 The camera is always clicking around here, and Tyler's starting to resent all the photo ops.  Too bad that Mama isn't fazed by his mad face.  It just makes for funnier pictures.



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